Eminem Sued???!!!????

Rapper Eminem is facing a lawsuit from a homeless man who alleges the star stole the idea for his Chrysler commercial.

The advert debuted during last year’s (11) Super Bowl and now Stephen Lee Pieck has filed a handwritten lawsuit at the United States District Court in New York.

In the papers, obtained by AllHipHop.com, Pieck alleges he was in a Legal Seafood restaurant with Christina Aguilera and her then-husband Jordan Bratman when the singer reportedly rang the hip-hop star.

Pieck alleges Aguilera then passed him the phone and it was then that he gave Eminem the idea for the commercial, which lasted two minutes and contained the rapper’s hit song Lose Yourself.

The lawsuit, which was filed on 12 January (12), states, “I want the court to reward me a judgment in the amount of $9 million. I designed every aspect of the commercial and the commercial was stolen from me. In addition, I did not receive compensation in monetary terms for the work I did.”


Swizz Keys or is it Christina Beats??

Lets talk about this guy Swizz Beatz, I mean c’mon fam who the hell cheats on Alicia Keys? It doesn’t get any better than that, that being said Christina Elizabeth is a one hell of a side piece.

Christina Elizabeth the 23 year old Texan singer-songwriter claims to have slept with Swizz Beats before his marriage to Alicia Keys, and further claimed that Swizz wanted to a few more shots at the box after his marriage to Alicia Keys.

Swizz and Keys swiftly went into damage control mode to discredit the claims via their Twitter pages.

Ivy Blue: The Meaning Behind Beyonce’s Baby Name

Ivy is her name but Blue is the first making it ,Blue Ivy. The Blue is from the obvious, Jay-Z’s franchise albums have been called the Blueprint. Blue consists of 4 letters which can be linked to Beyonce’s love for the number four, and a tribute to her husband.

As far as the color blue, it’s considered the coolest color of the spectrum. Ancient Egyptians used blue to represent the heavens. Blue also symbolizes the Virgin Mary. The color represents inspiration, sincerity and spirituality.













Next, let’s break down the middle name, Ivy. Beyonce has gone on record saying how important the number “4” is to her. She told Billboard Magazine, “We all have special numbers in our lives, and 4 is that for me. It’s the day I was born. My mother’s birthday, and a lot of my friends’ birthdays, are on the fourth; April 4 is my wedding date.”With the number being so special to her, it makes sense that she would incorporate her favorite number into her child’s name.

Ivy contains the roman numeral IV as it’s first two letters, which we all know is the number 4. The name itself Ivy comes from the plant which symbolizes eternity. Greek and Roman societies admired the ivy plant for its hardiness and longevity. They believed the plant aided fertility. Could this mean more children for Beyonce and Hova?

Ivy started as a symbol of eternal life in the Pagan world and then came to represent new promise and eternal life in the Christian world. The plant has a lot of spiritual meaning as well, it’s considered a symbol of woman, and if put together with Holly (the symbol of man) at Christmas, it would bring peace in a home between a husband and wife.

When you put the names together, Blue Ivy Carter is filled with meaning and personality and a perfect fit for the first child of Hip Pop royalty!

Oprah being the God mother to Ivy Blue,is it True?

Some reports surfaced earlier this week that none
other than Oprah is the godmother of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s newborn baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter. But is it
true? It is not. Oprah is not the godmother. She may be a fairy godmother in a non-official sense
– she did send baby Blue an entire trunk full of books
already – but she hasn’t been given any title.












Winfrey’s BFF Gayle King said: “Let me just say, if [this] is true, it is news to her. You know, she was
heading to South Africa when the baby was born.” A separate source close to the power couple’s camp
also tells E! News that this is not true, and that
Media Takeout was wrong (in a stunning revelation). Again, no need to worry, though, as Oprah’s close to
Beyonce and Jay-Z, so Blue Ivy should still get first
dibs on Winfrey’s annual Favorite Things list.







Best PS3 Games Now – 2010 (HD)


I think every PS3 owner should own these games. There are many other good titles but I think these are the ones that from now until end of 2010 a great collection should contain. I did consider Assassins Creed 2, Killzone 2 and Heavy Rain. In ranking the games I used both quality and fun as standards. Please comment on the video since this is my first ever. Also check out my channel.

Notice: I don’t have any claim over any of the video scenes or audio used in this video, etc.

Resistance 2 – Original Trailer Sound
Little Big Planet – Mario Theme (remix)
Street Fighter 4 – Original Theme Song
God of War 3 – Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai Theme
Metal Gear Solid 4 – Gladiator Theme
Final Fantasy XIII – Final Fantasy X Theme
Kingdom Hearts 3 – Original Trailer Theme
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Halo 3 Theme
Uncharted 2 – Indiana Jones Main Theme
Final Fantasy Versus XIII – Requiem for a Dream


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